Fixed or pivoting roof

Front door with lock, lockable

Stainless steel chain opens the rubbish bin lid when opening the roof

Pneumatic actuator to slow down the fall of the roof included in the kit for each pivoting roof

Adapted to standard 120L or 240L waste bins

Safe storage of garbage cans outside the property

Aluminium sheet 2 mm thick, powder-coated in any colour

Steel construction, galvanized and powder coated in any colour

All fasteners are made of stainless steel

Single rubbish bin system with fixed or tilted roofs

• 1180x710x770 mm (HxWxD) for 120L

• 1310x830x890 mm (HxWxD) for 240L

Double rubbish bin system with fixed or tilted roofs

• 1180x1340x770 mm (HxWxD) for 120L

• 1310x1580x890 mm (HxWxD) for 240L

Triple rubbish bin with fixed or tilted roofs

• 1180x1970x770 mm (HxWxD) for 120L

• 1320x2330x890 mm (HxWxD) for 240L

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