Our doors have always been equipped with reliable, long-lasting and modern drives from Italian manufacturers – DITEC Entrematic. In order to fully personalize your drive and adapt it to your daily needs, we recommend retrofitting your standard drive with additional security features and access control accessories. We also prepare gates for any other customer drive.

Protection of the automatic drive

Adequate protection of the drive, the door and the area in which it operates is a priority. It becomes even more important when access is provided to the youngest or in public areas.

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Light curtain

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Contact strips inactive

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Overload switch

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Contact strips active

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PWR 25 / 35 / 50




ZEN2 remote control (2 channel) or ZEN4 remote control (4 channel) - standard supplied with each drive. Possibility to choose different colors of the remote control, e.g. different for each of the household members.

Mobile application

The mobile app on your smartphone using Bluetooth or the Internet works like a virtual remote control. Using the Internet connection, it enables remote control of the gateway from anywhere in the world.

Non-contact readers

he Entrematic AXR7 is a contactless reader that uses RFID technology to read cards or key rings. The encoded information is exchanged electromagnetically and the media does not need to have a battery. This solution is particularly recommended for hotels, schools and public places.

Wireless code lock

The wireless code lock allows the door to be controlled by means of an individual numeric code. This solution is suitable for both private and public buildings.

Key switch

Flush or surface-mounted, it allows you to control the door with a key, e.g. the same as the main door of a building.

Induction loop

The LAB9 induction loop causes the door to open automatically: when the car stops above the induction loop, the induction loop changes and the door is triggered by a command to open the door. The solution is used in parking lots, public and private premises.

Wireless switches

The 2 channel wireless switch uses the 434 MHz or 868 MHz frequency and allows you to control the door from a location that is not connected by wires to the control of the drive, e.g. on the terrace, in the garage or kitchen.
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